About me

I’m a Florida native who lived in Europe for 23 years before moving with my family to Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2015.  At the office I'm a listener, persuasive writer and problem solver.  In my heart I have always been an artist.  


My life is reflected in my paintings which are always changing because I am constantly inspired by new ideas, unusual painting techniques and different perspectives.  I’m drawn to the dance of shapes, the place where light meets shadow, the texture of a surface, and how color can bring joy and reflect mood.


I work with sketches, fuzzy photographs, and sometimes just a feeling or idea. With each addition of paint, powdered marble, scrap of paper, gesso or thread, there is a shift. Then I follow a subtle, meditative, and sometimes counter-intuitive process to add and remove layers at the same time.  This weird fusion of deliberation and liberation is the only way I find a true image is able to reveal itself and become the story of the canvas.  


People see different things in my paintings and I like that certain shapes, lines or colors can trigger an emotion, a memory, or connect us in the moment.  I believe this is the point of art and fundamental to what makes us human.  


Art speaks - we simply need to take the time to listen and allow ourselves to be moved.